Qihoo jumps on virtual reality bandwagon with new VR headset

Virtual reality is said to be hitting the big-time this year, and certainly more companies are jumping on the bandwagon – with the latest firm to offer a VR headset being a Chinese security outfit, no less.

Qihoo has its own ‘VR helmet display’ which the company revealed yesterday alongside a flagship handset, according to a report on Shanghai Daily.com.

Details of the device are very thin on the ground currently, though. The report only states that Qihoo’s new phone supports VR content, and the handset and connected VR device will retail at around $455 (about £315, AU$660) and $60 (about £42, AU$87) respectively.

So this sounds like an accessory for the handset, in other words, particularly given the pricing.
Still, it’s very interesting to see a security firm diversify like this. Qihoo, of course, is more famous for its Qihoo 360 antivirus product, which makes use of multiple AV engines to provide protection. The firm claims it provides security products to in excess of 500 million PCs, and 800 million mobile users across the globe.

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Meanwhile, we can look forward to a veritable VR feast in 2016, with the Oculus Rift having just gone on pre-order, although the price has shocked many (it’s pitched at £499, or $599/AU$649).

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