PS5 is listed for almost 1,000 euros in MediaMarkt

With little less than a year for the arrival of the new generation of consoles and the official launch of the PS5, but that is not preventing rumors about its benefits almost daily, and finally, its first store price has appeared.

This is a leak within the product catalog of the MediaMarkt website in Sweden, who would have “accidentally” put up a first product data-sheet. And it is that even in the absence of major details, it is a fairly common practice in this type of online establishments, which as in the case of the Nintendo Switch Lite, sometimes causes leaks.

However, in this case, the console was already announced, and its specifications and description are still quite vague, coinciding with most advances: « It is rumored that PlayStation 5 has a third-generation AMD Ryzen processor and SSD storage. The console is said to be backward compatible with PS4 games. Book today and secure PlayStation 5 after launch. NOTE! The PS5 information is temporary and can be changed for launch.

Thus, the price would remain at approximately 942 euros, a price much higher than expected for the PS5, even doubling the estimates by analysts. And it is just here where our alarms jump.

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Although a price between 900 and 950 euros seems somewhat acceptable within the world of technology, the fact is that this figure comes from the change of 9,999 Swedish crowns, a much more suspicious number, and that seeing the rest of the information on the page of the product, it could perfectly be a filling number.

Although the web allows us to buy and reserve the PS5, even processing the payment, it would not be the first time we see how an online store rectifies a purchase and processes thousands of returns (in some cases later than early) of the money. And this would help them position their website within search engines.

What is clear is that it is still too early to confirm any of these details, with Sony and Microsoft keeping the development of the new generation of consoles quite carefully, and that it is surely the companies themselves that end up revealing this long-awaited secret.

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