PS5 and Xbox Scarlett go in the right direction, according to Bethesda

Todd Howard, the executive producer of Bethesda Game Studio, has given his particular vision of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett in a recent interview, and in general, we can make it clear that the executive has a very positive opinion of the next-generation consoles of Sony and Microsoft.

In his exhibition, Todd Howard has explained that one of the great advantages of his position is that it allows him to be among the first to know the hardware innovations prepared by the great players in the sector. Thanks to this he could, for example, see the possibilities offered by Nintendo Switch before it reached the market, and the same goes for PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

When talking about both consoles, he has avoided going into technical issues, but he has said two very interesting things that we can go into in depth to expand the information. The first thing that has stood out is that both Sony and Microsoft are doing things right and that they will not make launch errors.

This leads us to think about the controversy that generated the launch of Xbox One, a console that was associated in an indivisible way to Kinect and that cost $ 100 more than PS4 despite being less powerful than that. If we put it in relation to the statements of Todd Howard the conclusion is clear, Microsoft will have sought a certain parity at the technical level with the new generation console from Sony and will be very careful with the sale price of Xbox Scarlett.

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In the second place, the Bethesda executive has said that both consoles are “impressive”, and not only because of what they represent at the hardware level, but also because of the business model. The latter is, without a doubt, the most important. We know that PS5 and Xbox Scarlett are going to use a Zen 2 processor, a Radeon Navi graphic and that they will have more RAM and SSD, so we can get an idea of ​​the technical jump they are going to score and the PC they would have as equivalence , But how should we interpret that reference to the business model?

Unfortunately, I can speak with total security, but my intuition tells me that it will be related to the game in the cloud and the model of games on demand, that is, with the idea of ​​offering access to a certain catalog of games in exchange for a monthly fee.

I remind you that the release of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett is expected by mid-2020. The first will be compatible with the PS4 games, and I firmly believe that the same will happen with Xbox Scarlett and Xbox One.

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