Project Scorpio: VR support could overcome the lack of exclusivity

This is not the first time that we talk about the absence of games created exclusively for Project Scorpio.

Project Scorpio: VR support could overcome the lack of exclusivity

The powerful console of Microsoft will not be exclusive, all games will also be compatible with Xbox One and of course Xbox One S.

For some developers, however, that decision could hurt Scorpio: months ago, both Kasedo Games and Frozenbyte executives had intervened on the issue, arguing that the absence of exclusive will limit and penalize Microsoft’s console.

The same opinion is also given by Jean-François Fiset of Parabola, currently working on Kona, who, interviewed by Gamingbolt, expressed his opinion on the exclusive issue, however, pointing out that support for Virtual Reality could partially overcome the lack of titles intended solely for Scorpio.

Project Scorpio as well as Playstation 4 Pro, in my opinion, can not be considered as a new generation console as all the games that come out will have to be compatible with Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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Exclusive lack can definitely hurt Scorpio, however, support VR could solve the problem if it is complete and available since launching the console.

Indeed, titles in Virtual Reality, unlike what happens on Sony consoles, should only be available on Project Scorpio.

It’s good to point out, though, that during the Game Developers Conference, Microsoft’s talk about Windows Mixed Reality experiences has mentioned in addition to the new Xbox console.

Certainly, during the E3 2017, all doubts will be clarified.

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  • First Xbox has not said what "VR ready" is exactly. Second calling the Pro or Scorpio as next gen when they are current gen is odd, they are upgraded, but that is it the OS is basically the same with tweaks for hardware on both. The reason I use OS as opposed to anything else is, if you have a Windows PC and upgrade the Ram or the Video card or both, it is still a Windows PC, because your using the same OS with it modified adding the drivers to the OS. Just a hard thing to get around, even if Xbox changes the UI as shown, it is likely they would change it across the board because of the UWP, there is a PC version and Console version, and mobile version but adding a 2nd Consoles Version though possible is very unlikely and even then it would still be a UWP Windows 10 OS almost exactly the same as Xbox One.