This is the project Scorpio development kit, Microsoft could be giving details of its final design

What we are getting to know about Project Scorpio is thanks to articles and videos that are preparing media related to Microsoft.

Project Scorpio

This morning we talked about the video output, and now we continue in this line with an update on the development kit of the console.

Gamasutra is the one that on this occasion has the details on the tools of the development of Scorpio, besides some images of the charro. As you can see in the first one, the kit is slightly larger than an Xbox One S.

I like the idea of it resembling the renewal of Xbox One, and what we see now seems a bit, but we can not draw further conclusions about what is really going to be Scorpio.

In it we see a greater number of physical control buttons – there are five – necessary for the development, and the existence of an OLED screen in the lower zone is striking.

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The screen shows information like the frame rate per second and data of that style, obviously, this will disappear from the actual console. On the front also we see three USB ports.

Better specs than Scorpio

Microsoft has improved certain aspects in this development kit, to work with more slack. For example, it doubles the RAM up to 24GB and accelerates the speed of the GPU. There is also a double storage unit: a 1TB SSD and 1TB disk.

If we have to rely on what happened in the past, Xbox development kits are often like the consoles we can buy. While we learn something more, we must remember that the price, name and final design will know in June, at E3.

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