Problems finding a game in the Xbox Store? New filters arrive to facilitate searches

When you have gone to look for a title in the Xbox Store, you will have to make several passes until you find the title on more than one occasion.

The stores of applications in general, and not only the one of Xbox, do not usually offer in many occasions an accessible search and this makes that improving the usability is one of the efforts of the companies.

Search Google Play, for example, was (not so much) an odyssey by the number of applications and existing filters. And at Microsoft, they want to correct this defect in the Xbox Store with the improvement of the filters, which arrive on time so that they can be tested by the user’s insiders of the Xbox.

It has been Larry Hryb (also known as Major Nelson), in charge of announcing the arrival of this improvement that can be tested by insider users.

An improvement that allows now when looking for a game we have filters that sort them among other factors by rating, price, ratings, number of players, features … The image posted on Twitter by Hryb himself indicates how these improvements look.

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Microsoft continues to enforce its Xbox Insider program, which adds frequent and continuous improvements that seek to improve the usability of its consoles. We hope it does not take long to arrive in the form of a general update for all users.

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