Pokemon GO Update: Latest Patch Arrives

Niantic is very determined to make Pokemon GO better than before. The developer wants to make sure that the players will enjoy while playing the game.

Fortunately, the developer just recently released an update to improve the game. Does it include a new Christmas event?

Niantic aims to fix the annoying bugs in Pokemon GO for both iOS and Android. According to Just Push Start, the update does not contain anything extraordinary.

What is fixed, though, is the unnecessary vibration. With the update, it should not bother the players anymore.

As per VG247, the Pokemon GO update does not contain anything new regarding the Holiday event. Players were very disappointed once they found out that the update will be all about problems.

Previous rumors suggested that Santa Hat Pikachu is the first step in the Christmas event, but now it seems that it is the only offering by Niantic this season.

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There was no official announcement from Niantic about a Christmas event for Pokemon GO. One Reddit user just started the rumors about the holiday event.

The developer admitted that the company is very busy because of the past updates it released.

Niantic wants nothing but the best for the fans of Pokemon GO.

The developer just updated the game with new Pokemon Gen 2, increased the spawn rates in rural places and added more Pokestops in urban areas.

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