The PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB will be out in the United States

American players had not yet received the PlayStation 4 Slim model in its 1TB capacity version. They will do so now, at the end of April, officially.

So far, the only version of the console available in the United States with 1 TB was the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The new edition of the machine, which can be bought in Europe since last year, will go on sale for 299 euros, the same price as the edition with 500 GB hard drive in the US. UU.

The PS4 Slim went on sale at the end of last year as the base model of the Sony console. It is a machine with hardware similar to that seen in the first model of PS4, with reduced price and a redesign that takes up less space compared to the original.

In Europe, PS4 Slim 1TB capacity can be achieved for just over 300 euros including sometimes up to one game.

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Hopefully this year at the E3 2017, Sony will take the opportunity to detail your future business plans with the different models of PS4.

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