PlayStation Plus Users will be able to download for free from tomorrow Way of Redemption on PS4

Tomorrow, May 2, PlayStation Plus users will be able to download their six games this month , two of them for PlayStation 4, two more for PlayStation 3 and the other two for PS Vita, but those with a PS4 and reside in Spain or Portugal will have at their disposal one more title and will be Way of Redemption.

Users of PlayStation Plus will be able to download for free from tomorrow Way of Redemption on PS4

The title developed by the Spanish study Pixel Cream will be available for free through an exclusive promotion that we will benefit only those who reside in both countries.

However, the rest of the world, or in their absence do not have a subscription to this service, should wait until the third quarter of 2017, which will be when it goes on sale on PS4 or PC.

‘Way of Redemption’ was one of the titles that were part of the program PlayStation Talents.

At the time it managed to obtain two prizes in the gala that was celebrated in 2015, among them the one of the better video game, the reason why from tomorrow the players will be able to verify by themselves as it is.

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Inspired by classics like Neo Geo’s legendary ‘Windjammers’, ‘Way of Redemption’ will place us in a battle arena where the goal is to destroy the portal of the opposing team with a ball with powerful pitches.

In addition, will have a multiplayer mode in which you can play one-on-one matches or in teams of two against two.

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