PlayStation 5 release date, news, specs rumors

The public is gearing up for the arrival of the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is the enhanced version of Sony’s current generation of gaming console. Reports suggest that a PS4 Slim version is also in the works, and together with the recent launching of the PlayStation VR, Sony is surely having a very busy year ahead of them.

Regardless of all the exciting offerings from Sony this 2016, the company might be cooking up another huge surprise for everyone.

According to Game N Guide, the arrival of the all-new PlayStation 5 will surprise the fans soon. It has been rumored earlier that Sony may already be developing the next iteration of their current home console version, which is the PlayStation 4.

However, the recent announcement of the PS4 Pro instead of a totally different console raises doubts whether the electronic gaming company will push through with the PS5 launching or not.

The good news for those waiting for the PS5 is that a known tech analyst has recently predicted the release of the console device earlier than anyone would expect.

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As reported by Tech Times, Damian Wong, a tech analyst for the global investment banking company, Macquarie, is expecting that the PlayStation 5 will be released as early as 2018.

Wong is also the same person who predicted the development of the PS4 Slim, which makes him a credible source of this kind of tech leaks. In fact, Wong’s prediction is supported by another tech expert, Takashi Mochizuki from Tokyo’s Wall Street Journal.

Still, it would be best to wait for Sony’s official announcement and avoid giving too much credence to unconfirmed rumors. For now, the public can look forward to the release of PS4 Pro early 2017

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