PlayStation 5 is incredible, according to the director of the Yakuza series

playstation 5

PlayStation 5 is an incredible console, at least according to the words of Toshihiro Nagoshi, Director of the Yakuza series. Nagoshi intervened during the Sega-Nama show to talk about the work on the new chapter starring Ichiban Kasuga, but on this occasion, he also got to talk about the next Sony home console.

To begin with, Nagoshi believes that even after the release of PlayStation 5, PS4 will still be the center of attention for a fair amount of time. Probably the backward compatibility and confirmation of the cross-gen multiplayer will help the current generation console not become obsolete in a short time, but this is our speculation.

But the most interesting aspect concerns the brute power of PS5: Nagoshi claims that it is an incredibly powerful machine, to the point that elements such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will find important applications also in the videogame sector. The director, in fact, highlights how over time there has been an improvement in the graphics, then in the strengthening of network services (especially in the last two generations) and that now the time has come to return to the programming era.

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Probably Nagoshi means that developers will now be able to exploit the power available to create re-programmable and constantly evolving experiences; on the other hand, the same director states that he does not know which of the current mechanics to focus on to exploit all the power offered by the new platform.

In short, it seems that the next generation will not be limited to offering purely aesthetic improvements – even if the enhancement of graphics performance could be significant – but also new concepts and ways of understanding gameplay, thanks to tools such as AI and ML.

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