PlayStation 4 Pro News

The Xbox One X will also hit the market on November 7 at a price of 499 euros accompanied by ...

Project Scorpio as well as Playstation 4 Pro, in my opinion, can not be considered as a new generation console ...

According to website MCVUK, overall PS4 sales tripled for the week ending Saturday, November 12th.

Digital Foundry confirmed that the game indeed runs at native 4K on the PlayStation 4 Pro console.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro launch is just one week away now and the company decided to reveal today the full ...

In a new ‘80s-inspired commercial, the Japanese platform holder flaunts the PlayStation 4 Pro as “the world’s most powerful console”.

PlayStation 4 game enthusiasts inquisitive about an “Elite controller” of types shouldn’t be protecting their breath, even though.

Mafia 3 will join the continually developing rundown of diversions that bolster Sony's forthcoming PlayStation 4 Pro support.

A top notch PC, however considerably more costly, can as of now beat the PlayStation 4 Pro