Playstation 3: Definitely ceased production

In March, Sony announced the upcoming blockade of Playstation 3 production in Japan. Over the past few hours, Japanese corporate executives have officially confirmed the end of the gaming life cycle.

Playstation 3

This is how the story of Playstation 3, a console that made its debut in Japan and North America in 2006 and in Europe in 2007 and has sold 86 million units during its eleven years of existence.

We open a nostalgic brace on Playstation 3, which has accompanied many of us during the several years of presence on the market.

We remember as if it was yesterday the launch of the gaming machine, hardware that promised more convincing results than the Xbox 360 and the Xbox Live service.

Playstation 3 did not have a particularly simple story, at least as regards multiplatform titles. First-party titles have been able to capture players’ attention thanks to productions like Uncharted and The Last of Us, among others.

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We remind you with adventures such as Folklore, Heavenly Sword, Demon’s Souls, Resistance, Heavy Rain, Beyond 2 Anime and much more.

We, therefore, salute Playstation 3 with that bitter bitterness tied to the awareness of the advancing age, but that does not scratch a solid passion as at dawn.

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