PlayGalaxy Link, streaming for the Galaxy Note 10 will arrive in September

PlayGalaxy Link was another news of interest that we saw in the recent Samsung event. The company did not spend too much time, which may be surprising given the great current importance of mobile gaming and streaming, although there were other issues to discuss since the introduction of the Note 10 to the Galaxy Book S. Now we have more news.

PlayGalaxy Link is a service that will allow you to stream games from a Windows 10 PC to a Galaxy Note 10. It will be available as a downloadable application (for Android and Windows 10) sometime during the first two weeks of September.

The service will be free and will take advantage of the technology created by Parsec, a startup specializing in cloud games based in New York, which also offers tools for developers through a recently launched SDK.

The underlying idea of ​​Parsec technology is to achieve the execution of any type of game on any device, regardless of its format, hardware level, platform or location. That was the dream of companies like OnLive back in 2010. The experience did not end well, but like everything else, it opened the way for what is coming a decade later where streaming is willing to become a reference for the distribution of video games.

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Of course, streaming technology is not only applicable in large cloud services (GeForce Now type), where large servers run games and serve it to different devices from the Internet but can be used locally taking advantage of the power of PCs.

It is the case of PlayGalaxy Link. Similar in concept and operation to others such as Steam Link, it will transmit the games to the Galaxy Note 10. And here we can read because all the information provided is the short video with which we accompany this entry. It will be available in early September and will have dedicated applications for Windows 10 and Android.

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