The Pixel 2 were to be sold with headphones included, but Google discarded the idea

Neither minijack nor headphones, just an adapter. This is what we can find when opening the box of a Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL in relation to the audio. Of the minijack, we could talk (and we have spoken ) long and lying, but in this case, we are going to focus on the headphones, the big absent ones in the box of some mobiles that are not exactly cheap.

That Google does not include headphones on their phones is nothing new, but the Pixel is no longer the content price Nexus, and seeing the trend of other brands such as Samsung or HTC, would not have been more than offering headphones with their new Pixel 2. The funny thing is that thanks to a buyer of a Pixel 2, we now know that this idea entered the plans of Google at some point, but ended up discarding it. Why, Google?

What could have been and was not

The process of designing any product is full of ideas, many of which remain along the way to find the final product. The normal thing is that we do not know about these discarded ideas, but in the case of the headphones of Pixel 2, a slip of Google has revealed that the company plans to include them.

The news came to light when a user named Lucas Everett published some curious pictures of the box of his newly purchased Pixel 2. There was room for a headset, but only that. The hole was empty.

But it does not finish here. Inside the box also comes the usual brochure detailing everything that includes the sale pack, and it also listed these phantom headphones. Headphones with USB-C connection and the classic hands-free control integrated into the cable.

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In the second image, you can see more details of these headphones, which have the same adjustable design as the Pixel Buds announced at the Made by Google event. As a curious fact, although the booklet includes it, Everett Pixel 2 did not come with the USB-C adapter to minijack that did arrive at the final version, probably the result of an error.

This Pixel 2 was bought in the United States at a Verizon store but, according to an employee of the same, no other terminal had the hole for the headphones, so it seems that everything has been a slip of Google. The company has admitted that this is a previous version of the packaging, so it is confirmed that at some point raised to include a headset.

The truth is that for a pair of premium smartphones such as Pixel 2, the fact that there are no headphones included a negative point. As we said, the competition of the brand does bet to integrate this element, some as Samsung or HTC, in addition, do with quality headphones. When we approach the 1,000 euros, the difference is in the details, and this is an important one. Google pull of ears.

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