Path Guide: the Microsoft application that helps you orient yourself indoors

Today in our smartphones we can find by default some map application, being in all (or almost all) cases Google Maps, although there may be some additional.

Path Guide: the Microsoft application that helps you orient yourself indoors

All of them help us reach our destination in the fastest way and guide us when we do not know exactly where we are.

Worse so far all these applications were dedicated to orienting us on the outside, to travel great distances. Microsoft, however, has decided to do something different, an app to orient yourself in interiors and also to make your own routes to share them.

Path Guide is the name that receives this curious application and allows you, to begin, to configure your own route for interiors. This can be especially useful on large surfaces (who has never been lost in one?) Or in buildings when plotting routes on several floors.

Path Guide is an indoor location application that allows you to set up a route and share it with an acquaintance or audience.

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In order to do this, the application makes use of the sensors of your smartphone, and all you have to do is run the app, choose the mode of tracking that you prefer and start. It must be said that Path Guide does not use GPS and that its operation will be fuller with a smartphone that has a barometer to detect the height you are in.

Once you finish plotting the desired route, you can save it and share it with an acquaintance or with the public, so that other users can use it. There are still very few users of this app, but over time, if people welcome it, there could be routes from many sites, such as supermarkets, museums, and other large areas.

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