Pandora’s latest station hits shuffle on your favorite tunes

Love Internet radio, but can’t commit to just one artist or genre? Pandora’s newly-launched Thumbprint Radio has the answer, bringing a personalized radio station based on your all-time favorite tunes.

With Thumbprint Radio, every song a user has ever liked by hitting the “thumbs-up” button in the past becomes part of Pandora’s music selection algorithm. Not only does this create an online radio experience that’s more likely to meet your personal tastes, but also spans across multiple genres without having to change stations.

For example, if you once gave a thumbs-up to ABBA and Dethklok, you can expect to come across more 70s’ Swedish pop and death metal in the same place, or perhaps even some unholy union of both that Pandora thinks you would like based on The Music Genome Project.

Pandora also announced that Thumbprint Radio “is a living, breathing station that will continue to change as you listen,” recommending that users share their custom stations with others to better show off their musical tastes.

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Thumbprint Radio is available now via Pandora’s web browser and mobile app, and hopes to stand out among other competitors such as Spotify and Apple Music, who offer similar Internet radio offerings on top of on-demand listening. In the meantime, we’ll keep an ear out for that ABBA/Dethklok hybrid.

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