OS X 10.12 to enable unlocking via iPhone or Apple Watch

While many users want an integration of Apple’s Fingerprint System Touch ID on Mac, there are now reports that Apple could simplify unlock using an iPhone significantly.

As MacRumors reports, Apple plans to unlock OSX 10.12 with an iPhone, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the next Mac OS X .

The feature that Bluetooth LE to use is, similar to the already known Unlocking the Apple Watch with Touch ID sensor on the smartphone. Already, this is enough to unlock the iPhone to simultaneously open the SmartWatch located at the wrist.

Conceivable further should also use an to unlock a locked Mac without entering a password. A good alternative, for example, when the phone for charging at the other end of the space is.

The feature could work together with the also allegedly planned integration of Apple Pay on site.

With the approaching WWDC now multiplies the rumors surrounding the upcoming version of OS X. Just yesterday there was new evidence of Siri integration in OS X 10.12.

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