Oracle is preparing to change the look of our browsers

After browsers like Safari, Firefox and Edge have decided not to support plug-ins, Oracle decided to abandon Java browsers.

Oracle announced that the latest version of Java is the one that was launched on September 22, it will be permanently removed from a future patch. The main plug-ins that will be affected will be the format NPAPI mainly Java and Silverlight.

Reason for removal of this plugin is quite simple and is explained in detail by those from Oracle. “The upward trend of Internet usage on mobile” made the browser developers to eliminate completely plugins. Mobile browsers do not support them, so they were abandoned entirely. The desire to unify the functionality offered by Apple, Google and Mozilla plugins were among the first victims.

However, it seems that some browsers such as Firefox, will support these tools by the end of 2016.

Being like Flash, Java plug pose serious security issues that installed systems. If until now you felt that the update for Java is a chore from now you can rest assured that you will not have to do it. However, no one was using the plug-in outside corporations who needed it to run their dedicated applications in the background. Few of us think we will go really miss.

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