OpenEmu 2.0 bring your old Nintendo games, Sonic and Sega on OS

For those who do not know Macs are probably the best platform today that can play old games on consoles classic emulated perfectly with OpenEmu.

With the winter holidays OpenEmu developers have launched OpenEmu 2.0 emulating games on Nintendo 64 and Sega CD, Sony PSP and PlayStation 1.

Open Emu is an emulator of several consoles old, which is only compatible with OS X, and can allow users to play any games on platforms like Game Boy, Sega 32X, Nintendo DS, Sega Genesis, Neo Geo and a ton of other Ancient platform for all those nostalgic childhood games.

OpenEmu had a huge success among users of Macs and decided to expand the list of consoles emulated including three consoles from Atari: Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Atari Lynx, and more recent, such as the Sony PSP and the first PlayStation. List of new consoles supported by OpenEmu 2.0 (with kernels that do actual emulation) is this:

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Atari 5200 (Atari800)
Atari 7800 (PROSYSTEM)
Atari Lynx (Mednafen)
ColecoVision (CrabEmu)
Famicom Disk System (Nestopia)
Intellivision (Bliss)
Nintendo 64 (Mupen64Plus)
Odyssey² / Videopac + (O2EM)
PC-FX (Mednafen)
SG-1000 (CrabEmu)
Sega CD (GenesisPlus)
Sony PlayStation (Mednafen)
TurboGrafx-CD / PCE-CD (Mednafen)
Vectrex (VecXGL)
WonderSwan (Mednafen)

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