OnePlus Publishes Teaser for ‘Something Special

OnePlus has another declaration to make for 2016, this time, planned for August 25.

To get the hype train choo choo’ing along, OnePlus distributed a 30-second mystery video to YouTube, highlighting a soundtrack that is frightfully like what you may hear in a 1970’s porno flick.

Truly, listen to that guitar experiencing the wah-wah pedal, that is an exemplary porno riff.

Moving right along, we should figure out what OnePlus is going to divulge, so there can be no energy when the declaration is made. That is exactly how we tech bloggers roll.

The secret clasp demonstrates a vinyl being spun around, with a V2 image in the center. Likewise in the center, a metallic-looking roundabout item with what seems, by all accounts, to be a dark line originating from it.

Considering the amount of accentuation is being put on the music and a machine that plays music, I’m going to figure that OnePlus will report an arrangement of USB Type-C earphones or earbuds.

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That may appear like a stretch, and I don’t comprehend what V2 would need to do with earbuds, yet that is my conjecture. Accept the only choice available.

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