OnePlus 3 coming by late June with ‘new design,’ co-founder says

The next phone to continue OnePlus’ disruptive formula of performance, value and stunning design could arrive as early as June.

In an interview with CNET, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei said that the OnePlus 3 will release near the end of Q2 2016. That puts it just a few months out from release.

Pei says that with the new phone, the company wants to make a bigger and better impression than it did with the somewhat underwhelming OnePlus 2.

Though its sophomore effort brought in record-breaking sales for the young Chinese manufacturer, Pei’s aware that it was its debut smartphone, the OnePlus One, that gave the market’s foundation much more of a jolt.

For its fourth flagship killer (you can’t forget late 2015’s OnePlus X,) Pei wants people to feel that excitement again, and is hoping that an overhauled design will help. Based on the stand-out aesthetic found in its portfolio of phones, the OnePlus 3 could be one attractive smartphone.

OnePlus 3

OnePlus 3 could be the start of something new

Missing features, like NFC and microSD support, an iffy camera, and hot temperatures are among the most common customer complaints levied against the OnePlus 2. It’s plausible that OnePlus will address them with its next smartphone.

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What’s better, Pei hinted at a “better buying process,” which will hopefully get devices into the hands of more users at a faster pace.

So, does that mean it will abandon its infamous invite-only system for the OnePlus 3? Not necessarily, or at least, not all at once.

Currently, the OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X are available invite-free. But, it took some time for each to step out from behind the curtain: about five months for the OnePlus 2, and three months for the OnePlus X.

If you refuse to take part in the invite-only act, it looks like you might not have to wait long after June of this year to get your hands on the OnePlus 3.

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