One of the best hackers explains to you how to stay out of it

Enigma Usenix Conference on security in San Francisco is perhaps one of the most anticipated events in the field.

Rob Joyce, one of the best hackers took over the task of explaining and academics security professionals on how to keep them away from people like him their systems.

For those who do not know, Joyce is head of Operations Access Control NSA, that team of top hackers responsible for the entry into the opponent’s systems and beyond.

NSA works for more than 25 years but became division head TAO April 2013, a few weeks before Edward Snowden to publish secret information that gave everyone over the head, according to Wired.

Joyce seemed aware that it is very strange that someone in his position to make a plea for security and staying away from hackers. At least, when it comes to the NSA, it is clear that not talking about a child’s play.

“Do not you think that a vulnerability can be too small to be observed or operated. If you perform a penetration test system and test 97 things pass, but three fails, do not think that matters. We need that little weakness, then we will open it and get into the system, “explained Joyce. Even the vulnerabilities that exist in the system several hours or days are hot spots for NSA.

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Also, Joyce said that hackers do not experience major problems when you have to enter the network because they know better than you what’s in it. However, if you want to make life difficult for agencies such as NSA, there are some things you can do: to limit access privileges for important systems to those who really need them, to segment networks and critical data, deploy applications type whitelisting and get rid of protocols that transmit passwords you.

Another potential nightmare NSA as devices that monitor network activity and records they use abnormal activity and an intelligent system manager that can detect everything out of the ordinary.

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