Office 365 users will get Premium with custom domains for free

A new email service from Microsoft, Premium, is apparently incoming, and it will be free for Office 365 users.

WalkingCat, an often active source of tech rumours on Twitter, stumbled across Microsoft’s pilot page for the service (as WinBeta spotted), which spills the full details of what Premium will offer.

It will boast a fully ad-free inbox, and the service will give you five personalised email addresses with custom domains which will be provided by GoDaddy (of course, the exact domain you want will be subject to availability). You’ll get the domain free for the first year, but will subsequently have to pay a subscription to GoDaddy.

Calendars, documents and contacts will also be automatically shared across these five email addresses, so staying connected is made as easy as possible.

As mentioned, Premium will apparently be free for those who subscribe to Office 365, the online version of Microsoft’s productivity suite. As to when the service will actually go live, that’s not clear yet – it’s still being tested and is invitation-only right now.

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Indeed, there’s no guarantee it will go live, although it’s certainly looking promising from what we see here. Those who want to manage their own custom domains via best keep their fingers crossed that the scheme doesn’t get derailed at the last minute.

Image: WalkingCat

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