Oculus Rift abandons Linux and Becomes Windows dedicated

If you plan to play games for Oculus Rift Linux you can already take your mind off it. Oculus announced they had stopped momentarily for virtual glasses, famous open-source operating system.

While Oculus Rift is currently available for pre-ordering, Oculus announced last year that iOS is removed from the list of operating systems compatible with virtual reality glasses, and now it seems that Linux has followed the same path. As things look, Windows remains the only operating system that will be compatible Oculus Rift at launch.

Although Linux was proposed as one of the major operating systems with the Oculus Rift was compatible, it seems that the decision to glasses exclusively on Windows arose from a need of Oculus to provide an experience as possible fluid on one operating system with the launch of the product in the very near future.

Palmer Lucky, CEO of Oculus believes that “Linux definitely stay in the plane Our staff of D center only after the launch of glasses, but sadly compatibility with iOS remains only after Apple launches some computers more powerful, that when one were to happen. ”

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Oculus reasons behind the decision to concentrate only on Windows at launch are simple and logical. According to all statistics, the most popular operating system Windows games is far, and it would be a waste of time that virtual reality glasses to be compatible with two different operating systems at launch while those from Oculus even n- They managed to launch the product complete with dedicated controllers.

It’s clear that the developers behind glasses virtual reality are in a hurry to come out with a product more or less ready, but since it has got glasses more than three years to become a salable product, I wonder how they have During this time found the resources to complete compatibility for Linux, since development began glasses right on this operating system.

Oculus Rift can be quite a high preorder for $ 600 dollars in a bundle that includes two glasses and a dedicated game controller for Xbox. Later this year, Oculus will launch special controllers dedicated to virtual reality goggles.

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