NutriRay3D will allow you to see how many calories does your food have

Currently, those who want to see how many calories does the steak in front of them are utilizing applications that can use the phone’s camera in tandem with the information on the Internet to provide users information found.

This time, a new method to determine the number of calories in food is by laser and an application called NutriRay3D.

Unfortunately, the available applications so far have been predicted whatsoever. Usually, they do not recognize products from the food dish and often must manually browse the Internet so that users would be better walking and standing in front of a computer manual.

NutriRay3D, on the other hand, try to increase the precision with which we can identify the number of calories in food thanks to an extension of the physical plus phone that includes a laser high precision estimates should be convincing in terms of calories and other nutritional values.

For example, the application can recognize 9,000 types of food and the nutritional content of food can describe with accuracy ranging between 87.5% and 91%. The application scans your food and builds a 3D map of the scanned area and from information obtained will give you all the details necessary nutrition.

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There NutriRay3D team behind managed to build a working prototype and now needs crowdfunding on Indiegogo to build a functional application for Android, Windows, and iOS.

Unfortunately, however, the price per product is high and the team of developers trying to reduce device that cost less and be able to connect to the phone’s charging port.

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