Now you can play the original Tomb Raider from the browser

If you want to play the original Tomb Raider from the browser, you can do it right now by entering OpenLara. As simple as that.

Tomb Raider
What’s more, this version comes with fps unlocked, so it exceeds that rate of 30fps of the first game.

In addition to this, this Tomb Raider for browsers can play both with keyboard and mouse as with an Xbox controller. Not to mention that it allows moving from third to first person and vice versa with just one keystroke.

It is rare to play in the first person, but as curiosity has its point.

OpenLara, inspired by another project called OpenTomb, is the work of Timur Gagiev, who is currently working as a graphic programmer in ‘Quake Champions’.

This version for browsers allows you to play in Vilacamba City, the second level of the original Tomb Raider, but anyone can upload more levels (.PHD, .PSX) if they wish.

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Try it, I’ve been playing for a while and it’s amazing to see how something like that runs in a browser without any waiting or problems.

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