The design of the Nokia 8 and its double camera Zeiss are exposed thanks to Evan Blass

The design of the Nokia 8 and its double camera Zeiss are exposed thanks to Evan Blass

We’ve been talking about it almost since Nokia confirmed its return to the mobile market, and it finally seems like we’re about to officially meet it. We are talking about the Nokia 8, the first high end of the Finnish firm in its new stage of the hand of Android and finally, we can ‘face’ thanks to the image filtered by the renowned leaker Evan Blass.

Much has been said about the Nokia 8 (formerly Nokia 9) and all the rumors paint it as a flagship with all the letters that could have much to say in the Android panorama. Dual camera, Qualcomm’s most powerful processor, two versions of RAM and a QHD screen would be some of its arguments.

In addition, we can now add a premium design that follows the line of what they have presented so far.

Nokia’s high-end is getting closer

The return of Nokia has been one of the most anticipated events in the technology sector this 2017. However, the firm that once led the mobile landscape has returned with some caution, too much perhaps. Its first terminal was the Nokia 6, a terminal aimed at the mid-range, and later came the Nokia 5 and 3, with simpler features.

The return of Nokia will not be complete until they have a more diverse catalog, and that goes for launching also a high range. The chosen one for the occasion will be the Nokia 8, the flagship we were waiting for and finally, we can have a look at the image that heads this text.

As always, we remember that it is a rumor, but when dealing with Evan Blass there is usually no room for fakes.

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But let’s go to what matters, which is the design of Nokia 8. As we said the terminal follows a fairly classic line and similar to what we know of the first three models of the new Nokia, especially the Nokia 6; Slightly rounded corners, aluminum back and front fingerprint reader are some highlights.

It seems that Nokia will not enter the war for designs without frames with Nokia 8. That yes, there is a detail that draws attention to the rest: the dual camera that integrates with the back and also carries the Zeiss logo.

Nokia’s Zeiss lens cameras were a benchmark in the past. The war for mobile photography could win a serious contender with the Nokia 8.

The debate over whether HMD would work with Zeiss or was not settled a few days ago and with this image only confirms what will be the first terminal resulting from this collaboration. On the other features of the camera, there is nothing confirmed, but it should be noted that, at the time, cameras with Nokia Zeiss lenses were a benchmark, so the war of mobile photography could win a serious contender.

The filtered benchmarks have been in charge of outlining the key features of the Nokia 8, which would have a 5.3-inch QHD screen, 835 Snapdragon processor, 4 or 6 GB versions of RAM and Android 7.1.1 without any customization. The price is 589 euros, a high figure but still below the high end of the top brands.

If everything goes according to plan, we will know all the details of the Nokia 8 very soon, specifically on 31 July.

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