Nintendo Switch hands on

The Nintendo Switch has finally arrived in our office and the tests have already begun.

Nintendo Switch

Small point on what awaits you on 3tech in the coming days.

The release of a new Nintendo console is always a small event in itself and the Switch is no exception to the rule, especially since it comes on the market in a very particular context: after the failure of the Wii U, the Japanese company must put the double mouthfuls back to the front of the stage.

We have unpacked as soon as possible our test copy and have not resisted the urge to launch a small part of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The first impression of the product is quite positive: the console is extremely simple to set up and set up, especially since Nintendo has made great efforts on the interface side and on-line services.

In “portable console” mode, it is fairly light despite its size and the ergonomics of its Joy-Con – two detachable levers on the sides – is good even for players with big hands.

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We will send you as soon as possible our test results (heating, consumption, autonomy ….) and will publish a full article next week, with of course a note of 5 to the key.

But that’s not all, as a video presentation comes very soon, as well as a Chronicle Game about the new Zelda Breath of the Wild.

In short, we go into “Nintendo” mode for several days!

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