Nexus M1 puts in a powerful HTC 10-matching benchmark performance

Since the declaration of the Android Nougat name, there has been a whirlwind of bits of gossip about the new Nexus, including a genuinely thorough specs, posting.

In any case, if there was any uncertainty that the Nexus M1, otherwise known as the HTC Marlin, (which is accepted to be the all the more intense of two new Nexus handsets) would convey lead execution a benchmark spotted by Phone Arena ought to console you.

A telephone recorded as the ‘google marlin’ has been put under serious scrutiny on Geekbench, accomplishing a solitary center score of 2084 and a multi-center aftereffect of 4969.

Nexus M1 benchmark

That is altogether in front of the 4417 score accomplished by the iPhone 6S and verging on indistinguishable to the 4962 multi-center score of the HTC 10, both of which are quick handsets, so if the posting is real you can expect substantial execution from the new Nexus.

In any case, it’s not the most elevated Geekbench score around, the LG G5 got an amazing 5386, the Snapdragon 820 adaptation of the Samsung Galaxy S7 was higher still with 5398 and the Exynos Galaxy S7 towers over all of them at 6542.

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Fishy truths?

The posting uncovers a couple of different points of interest, however, none that comes as much amaze. It’s appeared to run Android Nougat and has 4GB of RAM, both of which had already been supposed. The processor isn’t named however it’s a quad-center one running at 1.59GHz (however that is likely the pace of the slower two centers).

The score proposes it’s the Snapdragon 820, yet we’ve heard bits of gossip that the Marlin could highlight the Snapdragon 821 or Snapdragon 823, which on paper would be a change on a large portion of 2016’s leaders.

It’s normal that both this and the more mid-reach HTC Sailfish will dispatch at some point in September, so we ought to know without a doubt soon.

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