Official: Nexus devices get more updates

Google promises Nexus buyers an update guarantee of 24 months from the launch of the corresponding device. In a new list, the company now indicates when officially closing with Android updates.

The update guarantee for Nexus devices is known in the current form since the middle of last year.

After the launch of the respective smartphones or tablets Google promises at least 2 years new Android updates – Security updates are users ensured even over 3 years. Now the company has released a new list of the last guaranteed availability of updates for various Nexus devices.

The market is not exactly flooded with new smartphones and tablets Nexus series. Accordingly, the list is not too long and includes only the Nexus 5X, 6P, 9, 5, 7 (2013) and 10. For the latter three, the warranty is already long since expired – surprising is the lack of Nexus 6.

The phablet was in October 2014 presented and would accordingly receive 2016 Android updates until at least October.

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Nexus devices

The distribution of new Android updates is very sluggish. In general, from version jumps – if at all – often several months after release in supported devices on. The advantage here is the part of the Nexus users: Android updates are distributed quickly – and guaranteed for two years. Google is the direct source, other manufacturers do not guarantee.

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