Next Android Wear update may fix its crippling battery issues

Google announced a hearty update to the entire line of Android Wear smartwatches last week, promising new gestures and messaging capabilities. But, it seems that the firm might have left out a few important ones that could alleviate one of the wrist-based OS’s weakest points: battery life.

Discovered on Motorola’s support site, the release notes for the new Moto 360 read that the incoming update could make strides in improving battery performance. Doze mode, the intelligent power management system introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, is headed to Android Wear.

Not just that, the update will also introduce screen dimming, allowing for the obvious: battery saving benefits, and the not-so obvious: increased privacy measures. Actually, it’s a given that a dimmed screen increases privacy, so this really isn’t anything more than a positive way of spinning this as a minor compromise made to save a little battery life.

Some other nice touches

Android Wear is receiving yet another feature that has trickled down from Marshmallow: app permissions. The mobile OS allowed users to adjust app permissions that were previously blocked off after hitting the “accept” button. Now, it’s coming to your smartwatch.

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One feature that won’t make it out of Motorola’s line of wearables is the new and improved Moto Body Running fitness app. It now specializes in tracking your time, pace, distance and heart rate during an indoor workout, in addition to outdoor jogs.

Motorola claims that the update will be rolling out in the next few days and we’re looking forward to nabbing this update when it arrives. But, keep in mind that it could hit your wearable at a totally different time.

Via Android Police

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