New Serial episodes takes us back to Season 1 – listen to the first one now

It was a podcast season that captivated millions, and now it’s coming back for three more episodes.

Serial, Sarah Koenig’s creation, is revisiting Season 1 to document a hearing in Baltimore for Adnan Syed. The first Season One: Update episode is up now, and two more will follow.

Lawyers for Syed, who was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend when he was 17, are seeking for his conviction to be overturned based on new evidence. They’ll also argue that Syed’s defense attorney at the time of his conviction was incompetent. One of his original attorney’s mistakes, Syed’s lawyers claim, is that she failed to contact Asia McClain, “a potential alibi witness.”

Koenig will break from her weekly release format to bring new Update episodes daily. The Day 2 one isn’t available yet, but we expect it will be by the end of the today.

Top image credit: Casey Fiesler/Flickr

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