New Google VR hardware to take on Oculus Rift?

Recent hires suggest Google could be making moves towards getting into VR hardware.

Road to VR reports on a crop of Google job openings looking for engineers, managers, and designers with experience in virtual reality, including a freshly-posted application for a hardware engineer with experience in consumer electronics.

At the same time, recent job shifts within Google indicate a potential shift towards VR, with YouTube hiring its own VR evangelist and Vine general manager Jason Toff saying his goodbyes to join Google’s VR team.

While the build-it-yourself Google Cardboard brought VR to the masses on the cheap, the rise of higher-quality headsets such as Samsung’s Gear VR, the HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift may be pushing Google to develop its own line of hardware.

Apple also recently stirred up the rumor mill, hinting interest in VR themselves, potentially turning 2016 into a watershed year for virtual reality.

It’s uncertain how Google’s plans will pan out, though it looks more than likely that the company’s next venture with VR will feature technology a bit more complex than corrugated paper and velcro.

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