Rumors about a new Amazon music streaming service

In the event that another spilling administration from Amazon sounds like what your ears were waiting to hear, you’re in good fortune – the Bellevue, Washington-construct organization may be with respect to the edge of discharging a Spotify contender.

As indicated by a report from Reuters, who referred to two Amazon insiders, the organization is anxious to break into the music spilling space to rival Apple Music, Google Play Music, and Spotify.

The sources say that it will be a standalone administration and marginally not quite the same as the current Amazon Prime Music administration endorsers have entry to today.

The play here, it appears as though, is to make another administration that will make the Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, and Amazon Dot speakers all the more engaging.

Sources say that the administration will cost $9.99 (around £3.99/AU$14.99) and could dispatch as ahead of schedule as this fall.

The possibility of a repeating month to month membership has been one that Amazon has received pedal to the metal – the organization as of late uncoupled Amazon Prime Instant Video gushing administration from the yearly membership to the tune of $10.99 every month – accordingly, it’s not a tremendous stretch to envision the organization has the same arrangement for Amazon Prime Music.

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Now, notwithstanding, it’s not absolutely clear what the administration would be called or, all the more significantly, what precisely will happen to Amazon Prime Music.

Obviously, both administrations can’t exist at the same time, which implies either current clients will need to fork over an additional $11 every month for spilling music benefits or get grandfathered into this new arrangement.


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