Netflix cracks down on proxies ahead of global launch

Netflix might be cool with you sharing your subscription but now that it’s spreading its reach around the world, the streaming company is cracking down on proxy users.

In a blog post, Netflix Vice President of content delivery David Fullagar explained the company will frown upon any users spoofing a fake US IP address through proxies and “unblockers.” Essentially telling users to be patient, Netflix is in the process of working out the content licenses to make all of the same movies and TV series available in 190 countries.

“Over time, we anticipate being able to do so,” Fullagar said in a release. “For now, given the historic practice of licensing content by geographic territories, the TV shows and movies we offer differ, to varying degrees, by territory.”

“In the meantime, we will continue to respect and enforce content licensing by geographic location,” he added.

Don’t think this isn’t just a polite request either. In the coming weeks the service will also begin restricting those using proxies and unblockers only access the service in the country in which they reside. So get in your last few days of your sweet, sweet US Netflix access if you’re a proxy user.

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