MWC 2016: 10 LG G5 modules we’d love to see

10 LG G5 modules we’d love to see


The LG G5 is the South Korean firm’s first ever modular smartphone, but currently it’s only got two modules to play with.

No disrespect to what LG has already done with the LG Hi-Fi Plus and LG Cam Plus, but it’s opened up the platform to third party developers and is encouraging them to get creative with add-ons for its latest flagship smartphone.

So it’s got us thinking: what would we love to see made for the LG G5’s modular port? Let us know which ones you’d most like to see, and offer up your own ideas in the comment section below.

1. A massive battery


LG’s Cam Plus module provides an additional 1,200mAh of juice on top of the G5’s already removable 2,800mAh battery, but we want more.

So LG, why not double down and have a figure-hugging 3,000mAh battery module which blends seamlessly into design of the handset allowing it to still easily slide into a pocket or bag – and last over two days on a single charge. We’ll happily trade some extra thickness for a phone which will last a lot longer between charges.

2. Drone


Okay, so this may be a little wacky – but what about a drone?

We’re envisaging a quadcopter propeller system that would slide onto the G5 and then utilize its wide angle rear camera to record and live stream some gorgeous aerial footage. Fun for all the family.

3. E-ink secondary display

E Ink display

The Yotaphone is one of the most intriguing handsets to launch during the past few years, fusing an E-Ink display onto the rear of a traditional smartphone.

With its new modular design there’s nothing stopping some bright young buck from creating a low-power display for the G5. Sure there’s the always-on screen round the front, but an E-Ink display on the back would draw even less power and provide even more information.

4. Roll-up keyboard

LG Rolly

LG already does a portable, roll-up keyboard cutely named LG Rolly, but it’s yet another thing to remember to pack in your bag.

We’d love to see this idea incorporated into a G5 module and thanks to its physical USB Type-C connection to the handset it’ll reduce latency and help conserve battery life, as it won’t depend on Bluetooth. It’ll be like your own mini iPad Pro.

5. Module M.D.


There’s no heart rate monitor on the LG G5, so making a module with this in is a no-brainer, but why stop there? Let’s also stick in a thermometer, blood pressure monitor, blood sugar monitor for diabetics and a breathalyzer for boozy drivers trying to work out if they need to get a cab home.

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Hell, why not go the whole hog and stick in a mini defibrillator too – it’ll probably get the G5 into the next 007 movie.

If LG can then get all this data to feed into the Google Fit app, the G5 can start building a clearer picture of your health. The doctor will see you now.

6. 360-degree speaker


One of the disappointing features of the LG G5 is its speaker. Firstly, there’s only one, rather than the double-up we’re treated to by the likes of HTC and Sony, and secondly there’s its placement. It’s on the base of the handset. That means it’s easy to muffle, and fires the sound away from your face.

The obvious workaround in our eyes is a 360-degree speaker module, ensuring no matter how you hold the handset you’ll still get stellar audio.

7. DSLR camera with optical zoom


The LG G5 has not one, but two capable cameras on its rear already, but they still can’t compete with professional DSLR snappers. In fact, they don’t even work together, forcing you to choose either the 16MP standard sensor or the wide-angled 8MP option.

Here’s a perfect chance to rectify that. Let’s see a module with a whacking great sensor and a tasty optical zoom to boot.

8. Vaporizer


Vaping is becoming increasingly popular, so why not combine two additions into one? Smartphone, meet Vaporizer. LG G5, meet the addict who’s going to blow your new module.

The module can even have a few chambers for different flavours, and an app on the G5 will let you switch between your favourite vices.

9. Geiger counter

Geiger counter

Perhaps we’ve been playing a little too much Fallout 4 recently, but when nuclear fallout inevitably occurs you’ll want to measure radiation levels when you eventually exit the bunker.

If your Geiger counter is already attached to your LG G5 it means there’s one less thing to grab as the sirens sound and your dart for the door.

10. Selfie stick

Geiger counter

Some people absolutely hate them, but having a selfie stick that collapses into a handy module on the G5 will hopefully return users a little bit of street cred.

Let us know what modules you’d love to see for the LG G5 in the comments below.

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