MSI GS63VR / GS73VR Stealth Pro, 18mm thick gaming notebook

This Computex of Taipei could of course not miss an upgrade of the Gaming Range of MSI even with regard to Stealth solutions, ie those products that combine high performance with a design and size that can be compared to those of a classic notebook.

Update that comes true in the announcement of GS63Vr and GS73VR, both of which are obviously followed by the Stealth Pro codename. This is as anticipated by two gaming notebooks that have their “normal” overall size in their strengths. All the components are enclosed in a chassis of just 17.7mm thick and less than 2kg in weight.

A design even slimmer than that of some ultrabooks, maybe not very recent

In order to keep the components within acceptable temperatures in a design that is so small in size, MSI has studied a new dissipation system called Cooler Boost Trinity. A cooling system consisting of 5 heat pipes that deliver heat to new fans called Whirlwind Blade that expel it.

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Again, as with top products, we have a display with a refresh rate of 120Hz, 5ms response time and HDR technology. Display and video performance from a Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU with a very good performance.

The new Stealth Pro also inherits the excellent membrane keyboard developed in collaboration with SteelSeries, the evolution of that view last year on the Stealth of the previous generation. A keyboard that allows you to assign macros to the keys to get maximum output during game sessions.

We just have to wait for information about availability and prices on our peninsula.


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