Evan Blass has spoken: the successor to Moto Z will be called Moto Z2

In June of last year, Lenovo held its Tech World event in which they took advantage to present in partnership the Moto Z, the smartphone that today is still it’s high-end front-line.

Moto Z

Assuming that the brand follows a cycle of annual renewal, there are still several months for the arrival of its successor, but the rumors and leaks are always ahead.

At the moment, the news that will bring the next Moto Z are a mystery but, thanks to the well-known ‘leaker’ Evan Blass, we can already take a look at what would be the logo of the terminal and its name that, in a boost of creativity, would be Moto Z2.

Moto Z2 or Moto Z squared

As we said, the first Moto Z was announced in June of last year, so it is still early to know all details of its successor, but the first step is to name it, and that is just what @evleaks has just done.

If the information ends up confirming (and knowing the history of Blass’s success, we do not have many doubts), the successor of Moto Z will be called Moto Z2 or, more precisely, Moto Z2, that is to say, Moto Z squared.

On its possible features there are not too many clues, just that, like the original model, would have a high-end brand Qualcomm, which this year is the Snapdragon 835.

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During the last edition of the Mobile World Congress, we had the opportunity to speak with Juan Carlos de la Vela, Mobility Manager of Lenovo Iberia, about the future of the Moto Z range and, although he did not give us specific details about its new features, yes Confirmed that Lenovo remains committed to the concept of modular accessories or Moto Mods that were released with the first Moto Z.

In this sense, we can expect that the Moto Z2 is a terminal quite similar to Moto Z in terms of design, at least in its rear part because to fit the Moto Mods is necessary to maintain a flat back and with the round camera that we saw On the Moto Z.

This concept has also been extended to other models in its catalog, including the Moto G5, although for them there is no news of support for Moto Mods.

In parallel, in recent days we have been able to learn some strange details of a Motorola device that, according to the leaks, would be the Moto X 2017. Judging by the leaks, this series Moto X would be placed halfway between the Moto G and the Moto Z, but at the moment there is nothing confirmed.

What does seem clear is that Lenovo is preparing innovations for its line of smartphones, will have to wait to know them.

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