More evidence Google Glass for consumers is really dead

In another blow for those hoping for a new consumer Google Glass, if you want an update, you won’t be getting any news from social media.

Social media accounts for Google Glass, including Twitter, Instagram and Google+, as spotted by 9to5Google, have all been shut down.

There were no final messages on most social media accounts, though it did leave one final post on Google+.

“Hi Explorers, we’ve had a blast hanging out with you on G+ throughout the Explorer Program,” the post reads.

“From now on, if you have any questions about your Glass, you can get in touch with us here:”

Not dead yet

Still, Google Glass isn’t quite dead yet – more likely, just the name and the consumer version of the wearable is for now.

Instead, the wearable is actually living on under the name of Project Aura, though an Enterprise Edition of Glass remains.

Rumors have emerged over the past few months, however, that Google has been working on different versions of Google Glass under Project Aura, coming with and without glass.

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The rumors have suggested that Google will position this glass-less and audio focused wearable to consumers instead.

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