Migrate Os to SSD with AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.1

Many people want to make use of SSD because SSD can provide higher read-write speed for users based on its flash storage media, it is also quakeproof, energy-saving, noiseless, heat-proof and portable.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Do you want your system to be installed on SSD to get better performance?AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition is a cool product that can help you migrate Os to SSD?

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a free partition software that also allows you to migrate Os to SSD, resize partition, merge partition, split partition, clone hard drive Windows 10, shrink volume Windows 10 and so on.

Now AOMEI Partition Assistant has been updated to 6.1. AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.1 supports to create the second Ext2/Ext3 partition on SD cards and USB flash drives without formatting and drivers are not digitally signed with EV certificate on Windows 10 Anniversary version.

You can download AOMEI Partition Assistant from here:

How to Migrate Os to SSD with AOMEI Partition Assistant?

Step1 insert your new SSD into the PC, then download AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro, install and run it.

Migrate Os to SSD with AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.1

Step2, now click “Migrate OS to SSD” on the left panel and follow the guidance to finish this migration.

Migrate Os to SSD with AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.1

Step3, you need to select an unallocated space or a partition on the new disk and tick “I want to delete all partitions on this disk …” to continue. What need reminds is the disk you choose should be no small than the used space of original system partition. Due to all the data on the destination will be erased, so backup import data or move them to another place before migration.

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Migrate Os to SSD with AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.1

Step4, specify the size and location of the new partition containing os. Then, it will show you how to boot OS from a new location and give you a note.

Migrate Os to SSD with AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.1

Step5, when you preview the result. You can click “Apply” on the upper left to save the changes.

Migrate Os to SSD with AOMEI Partition Assistant 6.1

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a partition manager to help you manage hard drive and partition in PCs without data loss. AOMEI Partition Assistant supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows 2000 (All Editions, 32/64-bit).

If you want to manage hard disks and partitions in Server windows, please upgrade software to Server Edition. If you want to maintain multiple computers in one company, AOMEI Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition will help you.

If you want offer profitable technical service to other people or companies, you can choose AOMEI Partition Assistant Technician.

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