Microsoft’s CloudBook Could Be Your Next Cheap Laptop

Most major manufacturers have forgotten about the low-cost segment of laptops: convertible tablets and laptops are often around high prices, and there are not many alternatives – fortunately, some are left with a lot of confidence with Windows on the ground Of the low-cost pure notebooks.

That could change if everything seems Microsoft presents its CloudBook in a few weeks.

These teams would use that “Cloud” version of Windows 10 that we talked about a few months ago and would compete directly in sectors such as education with Google’s increasingly popular Chromebooks.

Microsoft’s approach to this type of “cheap laptops” would be very similar to that of Chromebooks: they would be more modest equipment and would be focused on running applications that could only be installed from the store Windows Store in addition to having an important approach to their use With services and web applications.

The idea, of course, would be to compete in a field where Google laptops are gaining interest after the progressive support of Android applications, but in which, Apple also tries to attack with developments like its new iPad of 399 euros.

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Microsoft is preparing an event in New York for next May 2, and it will be then when we know if this low-cost laptop is a reality and if it meets those expectations that would compete with the alternatives of its competitors.

There are options to compete in that segment, so it will be interesting to see if the Redmond company has a proposal to convince less demanding or less needy users.

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