Microsoft: Xbox One S can upscale games to 4K

Amid a morning session of the Xbox Platform redesign, a by and large harmless meeting that happens at each E3 to give writers a gander at the overhauls coming to Xbox throughout the following year, Jeff Henshaw, Group Program Manager at Xbox, dropped a bomb: You won’t have to sit tight for Project Scorpio to play diversions in 4K, the Xbox One S is consummately fit for playing amusements in 4K.

Henshaw cleared up, “It’s not local 4K, but rather the Xbox One S can upscale amusements from 1080p to 4K.”

This piece of data wasn’t something Phil Spencer said in front of an audience at the organization’s keynote on Monday, rather concentrating on the Xbox One S’s capacity to play 4K Ultra-HD Blu-beams.

The news of 4K gaming on the Xbox One S, takes after reports that say Microsoft is changing out the processor and GPU in the standard Xbox One model for all the more capable parts in the S, permitting higher framerates and HDR gaming in diversions like Gears of War 4.

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What makes the news is to some degree puzzling is Microsoft’s hesitance to highlight that amid the keynote, highlighting Project Scorpio’s capacity to play recreations in 4K yet neglecting to say that the Xbox One S as of now has the ability.

In any case, it’s essential to call attention to that upscaled 4K looks unique in relation to local 4K content. The expression “local 4K” alludes to a substance that has been rendered in a higher determination, particularly 3840 x 2160. This is against upscaled content which has a local determination of 1080p and is then “upscaled” or extended to fill a 4K screen.

We’ve connected with Microsoft to clear up this point and will redesign this article as needs be the point at which we hear back.

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