Microsoft will sell crossbuy format games for Xbox and PC

It’s already been a few years since Sony sold PlayStation games crossbuy format for PlayStation 3 or 4 and PSP or PS Vita. Microsoft apparently wants to do the same for Xbox One and PC.

Crossbuy idea is very attractive to gamers. This translates into a single purchase of a title that can be played on multiple platforms, even if it is a console connected to the TV and a handheld device, similar to those from Sony.

Because the recipe is successful, it seems that Microsoft officials prepare us something similar with a very important difference.

A new section entitled cross to buy the Xbox Store on Xbox One will include securities that if you purchase once, and you can play on a PC with Windows 10. Currently, it is not known if backups are cross-platform,  you can continue where you left off Xbox game on the PC, but the prospect is still a positive one.

As a kind of official confirmation on this project, Microsoft has already announced that the acquisition of Quantum Break, a game being worked on for several years, will be reflected in receipt of two versions. Make your pre-Quantum Break for Xbox One and PC version will come free in your possession.

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“It has a specific function platform. We believe it is better for gamers.” Phill Spencer, director of Xbox confirmed that this initiative will not be limited only to Quantum Break when asked on Twitter if the game list crossbuy will include titles developed by third parties, not just creations Microsoft.

After all, we do not know if we have to wait several weeks or months until a crossbuy section will be included in the Xbox Store, but certainly that will be integrated. Implemented properly and with a significant number of titles available, this might be the position which will bring popularity to the PS4 and Xbox One.

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