Microsoft replace Surface Pro Power cable for overheating reasons

Microsoft Surface Pro will allow users who purchased models launched some time ago by the company, change the power cables due to possible overheating problems.

Channelnomics Europe A report published on January 19, says that Microsoft will announce a voluntary recall of the power cables for the Surface Pro, Surface and Surface Pro 2 Pro 3 models sold before July 2015.

Here it is clear that Microsoft should make public the information Friday, January 22.

Replacing it would seem that it will be for cables that have been bent or folded repeatedly, according to the same sources. A voluntary decision is not expected to target the Surface Pro 4, Microsoft launched in autumn 2015 or for non-Pro Surface models.

In America, Microsoft will provide replacement cables Surface Pro, Pro 2 and Pro 3, before March 2015 clarifies the spokesman.

This will be a change that will take place worldwide and more details on this will be made public on the official website soon, added the company representative.

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“As a result of problems caused by power cables that were too tight, twisted or pulled to a longer period of time, a small proportion Surface Pro customers have reported problems with the AC power cords. We will provide more details soon on how to obtain a free replacement customers cables.”

It is not clear how many units affected since Microsoft does not disclose the number of products sold. While Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are covered by voluntary replacement, the latest devices Surface Pro 4 are not affected by the problems of overheating.

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