Microsoft would be working on a new triple-A exclusive title that could be inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn

We have it clear. The protagonist of the E3 2017 by Microsoft was the Xbox One X.

A console that will actually come with a number of titles under the arm and is that video games are solely responsible for making a console great or dynamiting its future.

In this sense since Microsoft have put a good amount of their forces in trying to offer an interesting amount of titles that are attractive to the buyer. Exclusive titles that, however, do not stop Redmond from dropping his guard.

And so he continues looking for staff for the development of his next Triple-A title.

And to look for employees nothing better than using a social network focused on the work environment like LinkedIn ( for that they bought it ).

A network in which Sandor Roberts, one of the recruiters has posted an advertisement in which they look for personnel. Workers but with a very specific profile.

You see. They are looking for an artistic profile that will be in charge of working on the next triple A title of the brand that would be exclusive to Microsoft consoles.

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A title that some good that it could be a new shooter that would open a new franchise for the ones of Redmond.

A game that could drink from the waters of the successful Horizon Zero Down that created by Guerrilla Games can enjoy the owners of a PlayStation 4. And it would not be wrong a game of such quality and argument within Xbox, right?

An ad that although already takes a while in the market serves as indicative of the activity that carries out in this 2017 within Microsoft. A year that, we can not deny, the exclusive for their consoles shine by their absence.

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