The other objective of Microsoft is Internet of Things (IoT) and again Windows 10 has much to say

Microsoft’s “BUILD 2017 continues to speak and overcoming news such as cyber-crash by the virus Wanna Cry, from Redmond continue to get news around one of the pillars in which the company has more hopes.

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We talk about the Internet of Things or IoT

And it is that Windows 10 Mobile seems abandoned to its luck since the goal of Microsoft seems mainly focused on the development of applications and reinforce its presence in other platforms as well as take advantage of the knowledge of Windows 10 Mobile to improve x86 applications on ARM processors.

In this way along with the virtual reality, another of the objectives is the Internet of Things and in this field, we have received good news.

News such as the compatibility of these environments with Intel Cherrytrail and Braswell processors, so that we can find Windows 10 IoT on Intel Core, Pentium, Celeron, and Atom processors.

This possibility is the result of the agreement reached by Microsoft and Intel which has been announced at the Microsoft event.

More amplitude of use for Windows 10 IoT that in this way seems to grow in a remarkable way the number of possibilities to the time to be able to work on different processors and therefore to see how can grow the number of compatible products.

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And an example may be the models we have seen of companies such as Kodisoft and its smart desk or Innowi and ChecOut M, a point of sale which equipped with an Intel Atom Cherry Trail and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

And no, it is not a cell phone even if it seems so

So using Windows 10 IoT in conjunction with the cloud raises the need to work with Azure with the goal of providing developers with opportunities to build secure and scalable solutions from different devices to the cloud.

We hope to see that solutions of this type begin to appear that use this combination of factors (IoT, Windows 10 IoT, and Azure) to know what the real options that they can offer and if they really offer a valid alternative that succeeds Among users.

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