Microsoft gives up production of Windows phones

It has often announced the death of the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile platforms, but so far, those from Microsoft have not made an official announcement.

There’s only been a few days since I announced that, globally, less than 1% of smartphone users use a Windows terminal. Also then started rumors about Microsoft cessation efforts on this subject. Reality is not as cruel, but very close to this reality.

After about a week ago Microsoft sold its mobile business to talk to Foxconn has now officially announced that it will give full phone business for ordinary users. In theory, there will be a division dedicated Windows 10 Mobile for business, but in practice, we see massive layoffs and the dismantling of the last pieces of the old company Nokia acquired Steve Ballmer in one of his last major steps as CEO.

Through an internal memo published by The Verge that the Terry Myerson announced the dismantling of 1,850 jobs, of which 1350 are in Finland. The company also announced that this process will be reflected in costs of about 950 million, of which 200 million will go directly to the persons dismissed in raw form. Thus, in Finland, the only ones who remain active are members of the sales team, although it is hard to say what will be in charge.

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Henceforth, according to CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft will focus its efforts with regard to mobile phones only to the enterprise segment, in an environment that put a higher price on security, easy management of terminals and function Continuum, which turns your phone into a PC.

In other words, Lumia brand could be seen printed on new phones. Conversely, if giants like Acer, HP or Vaio will continue to produce mobile devices with Windows, the Redmond giant will do everything possible to help. Meanwhile, Microsoft “embrace other mobile platforms with its productivity services” migrating as more applications and services on Android and iOS.

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