Microsoft Fluent Design System offers a wonderful design but will have learned in Aero Redmond and its faults?

Microsoft Fluent Design System has finally been given the name given to Project Neon, an update of the aesthetics that can already be seen in applications such as Groove Music and Movies and TV thanks to the updates received by Ring Fast users within the Program Insider.

Microsoft Fluent Design System has finally been given the name given to Project Neon

We are facing a redesign of the prevailing aesthetics that will affect both the operating system itself and the applications and services we can use within Windows 10.

A change that goes beyond a simple aesthetic evolution and can manifest itself in the form of a deterioration of performance in older equipment.

It is about updating Windows 10 and giving value to your own applications versus those developed by third parties. An aesthetic improvement that is based mainly on the use of improved animations, menu movements and massive use of transparencies.

The truth is that the aesthetic improvement is remarkable

But this leaves us a doubt that in addition is justified by a memory of the past: Aero. A beautiful interface in Windows Vista that almost all the users deactivated by the consumption of resources that supposed.

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In this way and with the fear that you can almost trace what happened then the question is inevitable. If our team has limited hardware or time, can Fluent Design spoil the Windows 10 user experience on less power-hungry devices?

Hopefully with the Fall Creators Update (formerly known as Redstone 3) at Microsoft have learned the lesson and have managed to optimize the improvements so that they do not involve excessive consumption of resources.

Do not repeat the mistakes of the past and do well to play with a lower graphics load or in the worst case stay in the Creators Update or change equipment.

We have no choice but to wait at the end of the year to see what happens and while going testing with the relevant Builds as the Microsoft Fluent Design System works on older computers.

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