OK ODL 40650: Media-Markt Test

Media Markt and Saturn sell a 100 centimeter TV for as little as 300 euros – one of the cheapest for DVB-T2.

OK ODL 40650
Not so long ago have cost TV with this equipment and quality still 500 to 1,000 euros. The OK did not make a big mistake in the test. The picture quality is surprisingly good, the equipment with DVB-T2 HD even exemplary. This offer is really okay.

Yes! Attractive & Cheap, Good & Cheap: Supermarkets give their own brands partly whimsical names – so also Media Markt and Saturn. They sell particularly favorable electrical appliances under the brand name OK. The TV OK ODL 40650 runs from Vestel from the band, a manufacturer specialized in such orders in Turkey.

The OK is a fat thing The TV costs between 300 and 350 euros, but it already offers a lot at first sight: the screen is still a popular size with a good 100 centimeters, its full HD resolution is currently also with cheap devices of course. However, in other televisions, the LED light sources are only placed on the screen edge, they are distributed behind the OK-LCD over the full area.

This achieves an above-average uniform illumination, but it is also exceptionally thick with 10 centimeters. For connection of a game console, the OK has two HDMI inputs. In addition, there are analog video connections for older devices, including VGA and Scart – nowadays rare.

OK, ODL 40650: DVB-T2 on board Also rare in this price class is the versatility of the TV reception: The OK has inputs for satellite and cable, as well as for antenna including the new DVB-T2 HD. The OK is, therefore, one of the cheapest TVs without an extra receiver for HDTV reception by an antenna.

For encrypted programs like the PR, therefore, or Sky, the OK has the usual CI + slot. It takes a decoding module to match the subscribed programs. There is also a USB port for playing photos, videos and music. Apart from DivX, the OK plays all common file formats.

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A network connection and WLAN does not have the OK – but that would be a miracle in this price class. Who wants to stream movies and series of Netflix or Amazon, but must only connect a Chromecast or an Amazon Fire TV stick. The usual audio outputs for headphones and home cinema system round off the connection diversity on the TV.

The picture is more than okay The connection to an audio system is recommended, because of the speakers in the OK sound art nasal and thin. Too bad: The headphone output suitable for stereo systems does not react to the volume buttons on the remote control. This can, however, loud and quiet pose, if an HDMI connected sound bar or a home cinema system plays the sound.

There were no more pitfalls, the proper instructions and the menus do not puzzle. And what does it look like on the screen? The picture settings are cool, pale and overworked at the factory. The change from the picture mode “course” to “cinema” brings no improvement.

Instead, OK viewers should reduce the sharpness to 10, and in the advanced settings, choose the color temperature “warm”. Then the picture appealed with a good color matching and good contrast with a clean gradation from black to white. As usual in this price class, jerks move across the screen, but there are no disturbing artifacts.


  • Price: 349,00 Euro
  • Full picture quality
  • Easy handling
  • Many connections


  • No recording function

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